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Family Law

At Goldfried Law, we focus on assisting individuals who are experiencing family related difficulties to resolve their problems in a manner that is least disruptive to their lives. We help parties develop innovative and practical solutions for a variety of family related issues.


Areas of Practice:





Charlotte practices Collaborative Family Law which is a co-operative approach to negotiating and settling family related issues and disputes. There are some important differences between the collaborative and traditional approach:



During the collaborative approach, the parties and their lawyers participate in four way meetings. They are often supported throughout the process by an interdisciplinary team, which may include:


Family Professionals, who provide support with emotional issues and assistance in managing conflict and improving communication. Family Professionals also assist in the development of co-parenting strategies and parenting plans.


Financial Specialists who help gather and explain financial information and create future financial projections which assist in determining settlement options.


The Collaborative Approach has Many Benefits:



How is Mediation Different from Collaboration?


In mediation, the parties use a neutral mediator who assists them in negotiating and settling issues. The mediator cannot provide legal advice or advocate for either party.  When the parties reach an agreement, the mediator creates a Memorandum of Understanding, which is a document that must be reviewed and edited by each party’s lawyer.

Goldfried Law is a Member of Collaborative Practice Toronto (CPT)

To learn more about collaborative family law, please visit the CPT website.